Fuel the heart of soccer

An app for your supporters group to build community and power matchday (so you can have a pint and watch the match).

Build Community
Talk shop. Share photos. Learn the chants. Raise funds for a community partner. Give away a signed kit from your #10.


Whether top of the table or below the line, Chant is your private platform where members connect. 



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For the most passionate fans of the world’s most popular sport.


It’s a family thing.

With Chant Assist

Chat Streams. Public and Private Channels. Direct Messages.
All in one place.


Chat with other supporters groups for your club and league in a global network.


Dedicated leader chat streams create a network of supporters group leaders.

Insights from match stats, group predictions, and poll results automatically posted in the Chat Stream to spur discussion.

At your fingertips

No more running around the pub encouraging members to enter. 

Chant automates the process and makes it fun.

It's a party afterall

Find yourself hunting down that perfect shot of your best tifo of the season. Can’t find any photos of your community outreach event?

Members easily share photos and tag their favorites.

Your Chants

Chant lyrics. Instructions. Video examples. 

Tough to hear? Your capo can get everyone chanting in unison with real-time chant alerts.

It’s matchday. ¡Vamos!

Post. Collect. Scan.

Members post tickets for sale to fellow members — no more scanning through ticket threads or paying scalpers.

Leaders sell away match, bus, tailgate, and special event tickets with optional barcodes and built-in scanner.

VAR Polls
Debate the call

Baffled by yet another mysterious call?

Vote and debate the call in real-time with five preset VAR Polls.

Match Predictions
Think you know the game?

Share your prediction and compare across supporters groups.

Run an automated prediction giveaway with correct score predictions entered to win.

Match Stats
Follow the action

Check out stats from the last encounter as you share your prediction.

Track stats throughout the match shared in the home feed.

100 moving parts. 1 tool.

All your member data
Finally in one place

Publish news and events. Track member engagement and set permissions. Post group tickets and track payments. Manage chants. Publish membership cards. 

All in a single web dashboard.

Event Management
Watch parties. Tailgates. Travel. Volunteering.

Plan the event. Get the word out. 

Track and reward member engagement.

Tap the wisdom of the crowd

Survey your members and generate discussion.

Poll results automatically posted in the chat stream with Chant Assist.

A game changer

Struggle with unread emails and missed social posts? 


Push any chat post as an app notification and pin as an announcement in the home feed.


Notifications for events, chat stream posts, DMs, giveaways, polls, ticket posts and more.


A global fan of the beautiful game?
All your supporters groups
in one place.


Get Started


Leader creates
a group


Members join & 
download Chant





Leaders learn about Chant

and register your group.



Join using the code provided by your supporters group leader.

Download on the App Store
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Your Group Logo. Your Club Colors. 
Your Private Community. 

Only 50% of members on Facebook? Do 80% of emails go unread? 

Work hard to build momentum only to lose members in the off season?

Spend the watch party collecting dues, selling scarfs, and updating spreadsheets? 

Let Chant do the work.


Amplify your Capo!
(We’re sure they won’t mind.)

It’s time for supporters group 2.0.